Butterfly Hardware Kit Includes:
1 Bar, 2 Mounting Brackets and 2 Mounting Blocks


Q. Do you supply installation or mounting instructions with my hardware set?

A. No. Due to the custom nature of the table industry and the fact that each customer has custom applications it is very difficult for Rapid Start to know the customer’s exact mounting format or needs.

Q. What sizes do you stock?

A. We stock two different bar sizes, 21″ and 42″, in a convenient ready to order kit which includes brackets and blocks. You may add additional components to your kit while ordering.

Q. Do I need invisible hinges for this hardware?

A. Yes. Invisible hinges are NOT included in your hardware kit and must be ordered separately.

Q. Do I need bi-fold hinges or sleeves with my kit?

A. The bifold hinges and sleeves are additional components that you may add on to your kit. They are not required but can be added on for additional functionality based on certain applications.

Q. Do you sell table slides?

A. No.

Q. Do you sell table leaf hardware and/or other items for table manufacturing?

A. Yes. Rapid Start carries a large inventory of all table related hardware including: Assembly Screws, Levelers, T-Nuts, Washers, Brackets, Hanger Bolts, Nuts, Leaf Latches & Locks, Adhesives, Putty, Touch Up Products etc.